Cake Smash & 1st Year photos

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Is your littlest one is nearing their first birthday? How about celebrating this amazing milestone with a Cake Smash?!  Sound messy? It IS! But so much fun--with the added bonus that the mess is made in my studio and not in your home :)

Sessions are 45min-1hr long. They include formal pre-smash photos in an outfit of your choice, cake smash photos, and bath photos (baths are photographed in a super cute toddler-sized clawfoot bathtub). I custom design all sets and coordinate with a professional baker so your cake matches perfectly, and you don't have to worry about travelling with it. Siblings are also welcome to join the smash towards the end if they want. 

If you are looking for a simple birthday milestone session without the cake smash, please contact me for details on my "Baby Mini Sessions."

View my Cake Smash Portfolio Here

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-If you have not yet introduced your child to sweets or cake, try to do this a couple times before the cake smash. Give them a small messy cupcake and let them "practice"! This works wonders for the photoshoot as they tend to be a little more enthusiastic about getting their hands dirty and covered in icing :) 

-Bring an extra outfit! For your child AND for you! You will most likely be picking up or cuddling your child between sets or if they need a break and it can get pretty messy! An apron works great too!

-It is best if we pick a time that is between naps or at least 30 min after wake-up. Freshly-napped children are not the most tolerant of posing and bright flashes :)

-Please ensure your child has had a small meal prior to coming. We don't want them too full, but hungry children are never super interested in being photographed, even if it's cake!

-Rest assured that if your child finds the entire process intimidating, I will take it slow and we can take breaks anytime. Bringing a bottle or breastfeeding mid-session can sometimes make all the difference.

-Think about bringing a favorite stuffed animal or programmed music on your cell phone that your child likes to dance to--anything that might help get them to smile.

-Bring a large tupperware or a box to bring home your extra cake (if there's any left!!)